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The Top 6 Secrets Why Successful People Became More Successful Than You

Successful people don’t become successful from nowhere. There are some “secrets” that they know and implement, and I’m going to reveal the top 6 secrets to you today:

#1 Doing Everything FAST: Doing everything super fast is the key if you want to make LOTS of money. It is OK to do everything slowly if you want to make some money, but if you want to make lots of money, then you must start to learn how to do things faster.

Here’s the reason – If you perform tasks fast, you will fail faster… You will make more mistakes… every time you make a mistake, you are getting closer to massive success. You can read my previous post where I used the golf example to illustrate this point.

Not to forget, this also includes making fast decisions as well as taking fast action.

#2 Apply 80/20 Rule: Using 80/20 rule helps not only to get MORE done FASTER, but also increases your productivity dramatically. To use this rule effectively, just apply this “secret formula”: put a DEADLINE on everything you do!

If you don’t put a deadline on what you do, guess how long will it take you to get it finish?

The answer: FOREVER!

To have a deadline really helps you to get MORE done faster in LESS time. E.g. If you know that you need to complete a product by tomorrow, you won’t be spending time doing tasks such as: trying to make everything perfect, doing unproductive tasks such as checking emails, updating facebook, etc. You will only do tasks that matter to you.

#3 Focus Almost Exclusively On One Thing That Works: This is another “secret” if you want to succeed. E.g. If you already know how to build websites and make money with WordPress, then why the heck should you try to learn Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, etc.?

Just do more what have already produced results in your business and always TWEAK and improve it. But I can hear you saying – “you can’t put all your eggs into one basket.

OK. If you make money from affiliate marketing, you don’t make from one product. You have a few good products. If you do SEO, you don’t just use one link building technique on one site. Instead, you own multiple sites and test different link building techniques.

#4 Master Only ONE Thing: It’s almost similar to what I’ve just shared, but I want to emphasize about it a little bit more. There are many different ways to make money online, however you don’t have to be a master of everything. Just pick ONE proven money making strategy that you like and tweak and improve from there.

Once your business is growing bigger and bigger, then you can consider mastering a little bit about everything to find out how it works, but only if you are making lots of money.

#5 Multiple Sources Of Income: Yep, successful individuals have many sources of income. You have probably heard this many times before but I’m not here to advice you to build many streams of income at once. You should build ONE stream of income first and then ONLY add another stream. I hope you get my point here. (Got it?)

And most importantly…

#6 Curiousity: Successful people become successful, because they are CURIOUS!

Many people don’t tell you this, but I have learned much more about membership sites when I was watching someone doing it (video tutorials), rather than I was studying theories (eBooks) about membership sites.

And I learned more about copywriting by observing other people’s sales letters rather than reading an ebook about copywriting… In fact, I learned how to make money by observing and modelling what others do rather than studying how to make money stuff.

So be inquisitive. Observe what others are doing and ask yourself why are they doing this instead of this.

OK. I hope what I’ve shared here makes sense to you. Do you have more to add? Let me know. Also, I’m really CURIOUS whether you will read till the end of my sharing. In any case, please take a moment and leave your comment below.

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him:

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  1. #1 Fast, Strongly agreed!! Even with less margin, fast is the key to more margin.

    #2 Not so understand with this rules, can pls explain further?

    #3 Focus on one thing, agreed! When you concentrate in 1 task, it will be more efficient and effective. Repeat on 1 job means the u will be better and faster in doing the thing.

    #4 Same as 3

    #5 It is just like pillar of the house, If a pillar is not strong enough, even you have 5 pillar, it will collapse. So make sure you have strong pillar b4 u start with another 1

    #6 I think it should be passion to improve.

    Lastly, most importantly, DO NOW!!

    Just my little opinion, pls do comment if there is anything wrong.

    1. hey Francies,

      WOW! Thanks for your insightful comment. Really appreciate it.

      The 80-20 rule is also known as the “Pareto Principle”. It basically means 80% of your results normally come from 20% of your efforts. Find out what’s your “20%” tasks are and just focus on those.

      However, the 80/20 rule has to be used in conjunction with Parkinson’s law, i.e. have a deadline in whatever you do.

      I think what you’ve shared here make sense.

  2. very articulate and concise observations,advice follows carefully researched and logical ideas.

    1. hi Leroy,

      Thanks for your kind words.