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3 Main Reasons Why Start An Online Business

Low Start-Up Costs

Your actual startup costs will be your domain, web hosting, and autoresponder which cost less than $300 per year. Low startup costs is likely to give faster ROI.

24 · 7 · 365

If set up properly, your system will support and automate your entire business. That means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; even you’re miles away from your desk.

Mass Global Market

Access to a much wider pool of clients and buyers. Your market becomes worldwide. It helps to expand your business reach and you’ve no area limitations.

5 Fundamentals Of An Online Marketing Business



Keywords are something CRITICAL that cannot be taken lightly. Keywords are literally the CORE of any online business. Let me repeat that – with the wrong keywords, your business is doomed to fail.

Before you begin researching your keywords, there’s something really important you should know…

What’s your business about? Do you have a goal? Do you want to make $1,000 or $5,000 a month? Are you selling informational products, or are you offering freelancing services or SEO services? Are you a product creator, or are you an affiliate who builds websites promoting other people’s products?

Keywords will be the foundation of your business and I can’t stress enough that in order to find the right keywords you need a reliable TOOL. The difference between thousands of visitors per month and total failure resides in picking the right keywords: those with less competition & lots of searches per month.

The fundamental of keyword research is to look for terms which evidently indicate the marketplace is completely loaded with buyers and already have products that will satisfy these buyers. In other words, you are trying to find buying keywords that have niches which you can monetize with digital products.

If you select keywords that have NO products or affiliate programs, then what are you going to do? Only select those keywords that are proven to have commercial activity and plenty of buyers ready to pull out their wallets. Remember this, your main goal is to make money from your online business.


  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Amazon Bestsellers
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Clickbank
  • Magazines
  • Store for Dummies


Domain + Web Hosting + WordPress

Once you have identified the niche you’re going to enter into (it doesn’t need to be eclectic or untapped, something popular works just fine) it’s time to set up your site.

There are 3 fundamental components for building a website…

#1 Domain Name: Your first step is to buy a domain. I recommend you buying from; their great price and the WhoisGuard are worth every penny. You don’t need a premium domain name or something too catchy. Clearly, you’ll need to use a name related to your niche.

For example, if you’re targeting “weight loss”, some appropriate choices would be:,, etc. Remember NOT to include numbers or hyphens in your domain name, as they can ruin the “aesthetics” of the domain. Keep it clean, short and memorable!

#2 Web Hosting: I won’t go into the details about hosting because it’s not necessary. If you don’t know which company to go, I recommend you pick between InMotion and SiteGround (affiliate links) WordPress hosting. Both of them are affordable, reliable, and offered word-class support.

#3 WordPress: Once you have purchased a domain name and a web hosting (without these you are going nowhere), the next step is to set up your website to start generating traffic as soon as possible.

It’s pretty obvious that we are going to utilize the most popular platform in the world: WordPress. For those of you who don’t know what WordPress is, just go and do a Google search.

You Can Refer to this Tutorial → How to Install WordPress Securely (Open in a New Window)

The most important point here is to build your website. Select a theme related to your niche. You don’t have to go purchase expensive premium templates; I have had great results using the standard ones.

You can grab some outstanding templates by heading over to Don’t spend too much time with themes as other more important things will require your time later. Make it look really simple.

Once you have your WordPress site set up, it’s time to write CONTENT for it. I’ll show you exactly how to get tons of articles for almost any niche, so you can start feeding content into it


  • Namecheap
  • InMotion
  • SiteGround
  • WordPress
  • WPExplorer


Publish Content

You need 2 things to actually attract visitors (or readers) to your website:

  • Articles or Posts which provide value
  • A freebie which people can download

You can either publish the content yourself or outsource it to freelancers. Both ways are completely acceptable. If you’re in low budget mode, head over Google and search for “PLR Articles”. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and they can be any kind of content (articles, eBooks, videos, softwares etc.). You can use it “as is”, change those parts if you want to, or even put your name on it as the author.

Produce a free report (usually a short report solving some kind of problem in your niche) from those PLR materials. Make sure to rewrite/proofread it so that people will actually get value from consuming it. Design a cover, use catchy fonts, chapter enumeration and voilà! You have a freebie to offer now.

Autoresponder: Create an account with This is an e-mail marketing software which allows you to capture leads, deliver your offer, and communicate with your subscribers. I personally think that this is by far one of the most affordable and dependable autoresponder services out there.

Once you have your autoresponder code and freebie set up, embed the code at the sidebar of your WordPress site. Let people know they can download your report for free once they opt-in their email.


  • Quality PLR
  • Upwork (Outsource)
  • Fiverr (Outsource)
  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign


Targeted Traffic

“Traffic is the lifeblood of any business.” That’s so obvious that it needn’t be mentioned. Having targeted traffic is a critical need. There are several ways to send targeted traffic to your website:

#1 Article Marketing: Article sites are an inexpensive way to send visitors to your site. You publish articles on related topics and it’s just a matter of attracting visitors to consume them. It’s that simple.

#2 Post Regularly: I can’t stress this enough. The more you publish, the greater your chance to get “picked up” by search engines. Google, Yahoo, and Bing LOVE fresh and unique content. It’s a wise idea to keep them busy crawling your site with useful, up-to-date content. You’ll be rewarded with top rankings and generate massive traffic from the Search Engines (which is the best traffic generator).

#3 Directories: Some marketers are against directories now because they claim that they’re not as useful as they used to be. That’s completely out of line as directories are still functioning and kicking.

#4 Social Media: Needless to say, Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are receiving a never ending supply of traffic each day. Take advantage of it and hijack some of the traffic to your site.

While certainly there are TONS of way to send traffic, these 4 are more than enough. Of course you can expand as time permits, but when starting out, you should see considerable results with these.


  • SEO
  • Directories
  • Press Release
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


Action + Mindset

The Internet world is changing so rapidly and most of the money systems work around ‘loopholes’ or ‘secret tricks’ that are doomed to fail from the beginning. You don’t want to get yourself involved in it.

While it may seems impossible that a simple plan as discussed above is the foundation of an online business. I must tell you that this is how it WORKS. Sometimes people get distracted by the shiny things “experts” are launching. They jump from one system to another, and get into a vicious circle which I wouldn’t recommend you. The plan I’ve shown you is one of the most potent ones out there.

Then again, it doesn’t matter if you have a plan – the resources to execute it – and you don’t take any action. You see, back when I was a newbie, I wanted to make money online without doing anything. I had spent months after months buying and studying training materials without doing anything at all! I didn’t realize that without the courage, the determination and the hard work… I’d never go anywhere.

I really suggest that you construct a plan and then stick to it until you find success… or even failure.

You Can Refer to this Post → Your Masterplan to Make Money Online (Open in a New Window)

And even in the case you find failure, at least you will have learned what things not to do in the future. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of success, but you should know that every enemy has its weak points. Procrastination can be beaten solely with a solid attitude. So, how you can build this attitude?

Secret Sauces:

  • STOP browsing and wasting time in non-productive activities like: “Facebook, forums.”
  • STOP sabotaging yourself with destructive thoughts like: “It’s really impossible, I can’t.”
  • STOP trying to find the magical money-making-without-doing-effort pill, it doesn’t exist!
  • STOP being LAZY; Laziness is poverty’s mother.
  • And finally, STOP reading this tutorial. Go develop your plan right now and STICK to it!

Until next time, may you continue improving, earning, and getting the success you deserve.

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