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How To Set Up A 1-Level Membership Site In OfficeAutopilot With PilotPress

Note: This tutorial is already outdated because Office Autopilot is now Ontraport.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can set up a simple WordPress based membership site in Office Autopilot. (You need to have an account with OAP to do this)

Setting up the framework requires only 7 simple steps. I’ll show you the formula at below:

#1 Integrate your WordPress website with OAP: Login to your OAP account, go to Admin, under Integration Partners, click WordPress IntegrationIntegrate Existing WordPress Site. Insert your Website URL, and fill out the Website Nickname field.

Create a new membership level. If you’re dripping content on a weekly basis, then you’ll need to create a level for each content drip. E.g. Basic, Basic Week 1, Basic Week 2, Basic Week 3, etc. In this post, I’ll just setup a 1-level membership to keep things simple.

Integrate your existing WordPress site with Office Autopilot and PilotPress plugin.

#2 Install Membership Simplified & PilotPress plugins in your WordPress: You can download both plugins at – Membership Simplified and PilotPress. Activate them in WP.

You can set the “Customers Redirect To” option once you’ve your homepage ready.

Copy the App Id and API Key, paste them to WP Dashboard → Settings → PilotPress. Check the Enable Customer Center option. Customers Redirect To → Your Homepage.

#3 Install the OAP Membership Kit package: A complete membership site is made up of a few key pieces. The OAP membership kit offers you a set of pre-made forms, step sequences, email templates, etc… so you don’t have to setup everything from scratch.

Login OAP, click on My Account → Change Subscription → Add a package → Package Code: moXLegEp7Ih06eV. Click confirm and you’ll notice a new Membership – $0 added.

After you install the membership kit, you can find the components in Autopilot tab.

#4 Edit the Step Sequences at the Autopilot (Green) tab: Click the copy sequence icon next to the Membership: Drip Release (Free). Name the copy of this sequence.

Click on the pencil icon next to the new sequence, customize the 1st Rule (Yellow Step):

  • Schedule Step: Send 0 days (Day 0) after previous step…
  • Enter a short description for this rule
  • Under What should happen? Add access for contact to [Your Domain => Level]
  • Click Save Sequence (on the top right)

Customize the first rule (yellow step) of your first membership sequence.

Then click on the 1st E-Mail (Red Step) and customize your first message:

  • Schedule Step: Send 0 days (Day 0) after previous step…
  • Edit the default subject line of the E-Mail to be sent
  • In the body, replace the User name: and Password: with the appropriate merge fields
  • Click Save Sequence (on the top right)

Edit your first E-Mail sequence and insert the appropriate merge fields.

#5 Install the Sample Data for membership simplified plugin: Login to WordPress Dashboard → Membership Content → Settings → Install Sample Data? (on top right). Once you click Yes, Membership Simplified plugin will instantly create 11 pages for you. This includes 7 supporting pages, 3 lesson templates, and 1 sample members program.

I highly recommend you install the Sample Data if you’re new OAP user.

This sample data can be very helpful – particularly to new OAP users. All you need to do is EDIT the sample pages to suit your needs rather than starting everything from scratch.

Tip: Once you have customized your lesson template, you can DUPLICATE it in a jiffy!

#6 Protect your membership program from non-members: Once you’ve got your program ready, you need to protect it. This step can be done via the PilotPress Options.

You can find the PilotPress Options when you’re editing your lesson or page.

The level under Access Levels was created earlier #1. Also, set the On Error option to redirect non-members to an error page when they try to access your protected content.

#7 Set up the Payment Gateway & Order Form for your product: Choose a payment gateway that OAP integrates with and link it in your OAP account. Set up an order form and place it on your sales page via Add OfficeAutopilot Media icon (see previous image).

I won’t explain the step-by-step details, but you can do this at the OAP Sales tab (purple).

Hint: Remember to Assign members to the sequence #4 if transaction is successful.

I hope you will find this Ontraport membership tutorial somehow helpful. If you want to know how OAP can help to grow your business, then click the Blue button below.

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him: