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Hurray! I’ve Been Featured As A Vendor In The New OptimizePress Marketplace

So the long awaited OptimizePress Marketplace is finally launched. If you don’t know what it is, basically it is a hub specially catered for small business owners and Internet marketers with anything related to building marketing websites and promoting it online.

As some of you might know, I started a new web design business back in April 2014. It is about offering pre-made templates (i.e. landing page, sales page, membership page) for OptimizePress 2.0 users so they can create beautiful marketing websites in seconds.

Watch the demo below where I published an OP 2.0 style sales page in under 1 minute:

But here’s the interesting thing…

I’m more of a techie person with NO prior design experience whatsoever. So how did I manage to build a design business and make a profit from it? Thanks to OptimizePress.

What’s that?” you might ask. OP 2.0 is a marketing site creation platform which runs on WordPress. With the template export functionality, you can easily export your design as a .zip content template and then upload to as many OP 2.0 websites as you want. Cool?

OP 2.0 platform gave me the ability to quickly create stunning marketing pages. What I never expected was that it would unlock the ‘inner designer’ that was hiding inside of me – from using the right color palette and typography to putting elements in the right place.

Designing marketing pages is no longer something I dreaded, it is actually something I enjoyed doing now. Not only am I started to learn more about the fundamentals of web design, people are complimenting my work and asking if they could purchase my work.

Check out what some of my customers are saying…


“I’ve hired KM for a number of projects now and his consistency with his work in both quality and timeliness is AMAZING. I can honestly say KM is THE best contractor I’ve ever hired and will keep using him time and time again. Look, if you need a website built using Optimizepress (or perhaps one of KM’s other services) then do yourself a favor and hire this guy NOW… you won’t regret it. In fact you will probably be wondering where the hell KM has been your whole life.”

— Blake Sterling


“Your work is amazing and I’m truly grateful for time you’ve taken to answer my questions and provide such a great service. You Rock!”

— Vincent K. Harris


“The templates KM has created will take ALL the hassle and frustration out of your OptimizePress needs. Highly recommended for OP users!”

— Startup Savant


“Top quality membership templates. Very professional and I love that it comes with a login page, home page, module page, and lesson page.”

— Bruce Cadle


“World-class design. Easy to install and work with. Your template rocks!”

— Francis Currie


“Your templates are world-class. Your ability to help people is second to none. Thanks for your help and your great knowledge in website building.”

— Jkw Evans


“I bought KM’s sales template and it is amazing. I had a few problems getting things to work initially, then KM jumped straight in and sorted everything out. This guy is so helpful and even gave me some great advice for setting up my blog. I was so impressed with what he did and I bought OptimizePress again with a friend just to get his bonus templates. Amazing guy!”

— John Ward


“KM helped me out so much! Not only did I purchase 2 templates from him (sales page, membership site) that made making my eCourse so easy, but he was generous enough to assist me through the process of setting them up while he was on vacation! I will definitely be purchasing from him again.”

— Shelly Bullard


“Really love your work! Have picked up 2 sales page templates and been really happy with them thus far. Definitely will be buying more from you.”

— Brad Spencer


“KM has simplified making high-converting sales pages and landing pages with all ready done for you templates. All you need is upload the template into your OP Page Builder and then modify it to fit your product or service needs. I will be checking back often to see what he will be offering in the future!”

— Jason Ryback


“Your template is so easy to use. I literally uploaded the .zip file and had a fully adjustable landing page in minutes. Thanks for creating the template!”

— Nik Winkleman


“KM is a proven problem-solver and go-giver. Have been searching for a simpler classic membership look, trying to avoid wasting hours on visuals. Your templates have already saved me a ton of time, energy and angst.”

— Nathan Eckel

Why I decided to become a marketplace vendor?

The reason is really simple – to obtain more exposure in terms of my templates and also my services. You see, I’ve done very little marketing to date. Most, if not all, of my buyers either found me on search engines (organic search) or indirectly via the community forum.

With the OptimizePress Marketplace platform, all my templates will be shown instantly to existing user base of over 20,000 members. Besides, it handles the delivery and support of items plus all the sales processing – leaving me to focus on designing new templates.

I believe the platform will be a new home for both vendors and buyers alike. Vendors will have a place to sell the items they have designed and make money, whereas buyers will have a single place to visit when they need a new professional looking design. It doesn’t matter if it is a sales page or membership page, you will find a design that fits like a glove.

Unexpectedly, I just won the OP Marketplace launch contest for the best landing page template design…”

It really came as a surprise especially for someone unknown like me who has no design background to win in a design competition. Truly motivates me to keep pushing further.

Go check out my vendor profile in the OP marketplace

You can probably tell that I am excited. The OptimizePress Marketplace has given me the opportunity to pursue a creative design path that I would never have thought of. Not only that, it has given me an entirely new and unexpected alternate source of revenue online.

Want to find out what I’ve contributed to the marketplace? Click on the Blue button below:

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him:

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