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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Or The Beautiful) Of Working From Home Online

Working from home and being your own boss is the dream of just about anyone who has had to slave away in a crowded office, dirty warehouse, or busy restaurant. Many long for the day where they can take control of their destiny, walk out their office door for the last time and never look back. You may be even thinking of taking that big step yourself too.

But before you do, please take some time to consider the pros and cons of the big move.

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3 Most Costly Mistakes Marketers Make With Landing Pages (You Should Avoid)

A landing page is extremely important. It is like an arrival page where somebody lands on, and you provide them enough information in order to take the action that you desire.

Some marketers used landing pages to build their email list while others have them to showcase products or services, yet many marketers are making some major mistakes with their pages that are costing them money. Here are the 3 MOST costly mistakes…

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8 Things Successful Freelancers Do Daily

The most successful freelancers have certain things that they do on a daily basis to help them. If you want to be a freelancer, you need to start doing them too. There are 8 things all successful freelancers do daily to make sure their business continues to stay afloat.

Before that, just to show my latest earnings screenshot from a top freelancing website I joined, to prove that I do have ‘a little’ experience when it comes to doing freelance work:

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The 7 Critical Elements Of A Successful Website You Cannot Afford To Disdain

All businesses need a website. It is the truth in this day and age, considering so many people now are doing their search online. However, you need more than just a website. You want your website to be built on good solid foundations.

Obviously, a successful website is more than just a beautiful design. You need a site that your visitors can navigate around easily, and enjoy being on. Here are 7 critical elements of a successful website you need to start paying attention to:

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