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List Of ALL OptimizePress 2.0 Elements

In this post, you will find ALL OptimizePress 2.0 elements listed for your quick reference.

An element is a component or object you need to add to your OP 2.0 page, so that it can get your page set up based on the functionality you need. Below you will find 55 of them:

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How To Install The LATEST WordPress Correctly And Securely In 5 Easy Steps

In the last 4 months alone, WordPress has made 3 major releases — versions 3.6 (Aug 2013), 3.7 (Oct 2013), and 3.8 (Dec 2013). According to W3 Techs site, as of Oct 25th, 2019, 34.9% of all existing websites out there are currently powered by WordPress.

I considered learning WP is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because the effort and money I’ve invested into mastering WordPress have made me hundreds if not thousands times over. Plus, this has created lots of job opportunities in the marketplace.

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7 Traits Every Entrepreneur Must Have

If you look at the word ‘entrepreneur’, the dictionary defines its meaning as – “a person who manages and systematizes a business venture, utilizing his or her own initiative, assuming all calculated risks.” The word entrepreneur is so widely used nowadays that everyone can claim to be one. But what does it take to become a qualified one?

In fact, anyone can be an entrepreneur regardless of their age, race, sex, and religion; a willingness to lead, a passion to succeed, and commitment are all necessary to become one. Nonetheless, there are 7 Traits that you can find in almost all entrepreneurs:

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