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List Of ALL OptimizePress 2.0 Elements

In this post, you will find ALL OptimizePress 2.0 elements listed for your quick reference.

An element is a component or object you need to add to your OP 2.0 page, so that it can get your page set up based on the functionality you need. Below you will find 55 of them:

#1 Two Column Text: Insert 2 columns of text (50% width for each) in a column layout.

#2 Affiliate Page Snippets: Code for banners and links which you want affiliates to use in their marketing campaign.

#3 Arrows: Insert an arrow style to point towards the highlights on your page. Help funnel visitors eye to focal areas.

#4 Audio Player: Add an audio player to your page. MP3 format is highly recommended.

#5 Bullet Block: Best way to let your visitors scan through the benefits in bullet points.

#6 Button: Add a nice looking button (fully customizable) to your page for call-to-action.

#7 Calendar Date & Time: Display the date and time for an online event or a webinar.

#8 Content Toggle: Use for hiding lengthy information. Often used in FAQs. Visitors can view the title only and they need to click on the ‘+’ sign to expand the information.

#9 Countdown Timer: Include scarcity and create urgency for visitors to take action.

#10 Course Description Box: Display your course/title image, title, and description.

#11 Custom HTML / Shortcode: Add any HTML code or shortcodes to your page.

#12 Divider: Add a dividing line below an element or separate between two elements.

#13 Dynamic Date: Always display today’s date to anyone who visits your page.

#14 Facebook Comments: Add a facebook comments box and let people to comment.

#15 Feature Block: List down the specific features of your offers with an icon or image.

#16 Feature Box: A styled content box which allow you to add text or elements into it.

#17 Feature Box Creator: Generate a customize feature box to add into your page.

#18 Files Download: Add a styled download section with an icon and file description.

#19 Guarantee Box: Add a 100% risk free or money back policy box onto your page.

#20 Headline: Insert a headline or sub-headline for different sections of your page.

#21 Hyperlink: Insert a customize hyperlink anchor text to link to another URL.

#22 Image with Javascript Alert: Display a video fakeout to force people to opt-in.

#23 Image with Text Aside: Insert a vertically align text with an image next to it.

#24 Images: Insert any image into your page.  Different border styles are available.

#25 JavaScript: Enter custom JavaScript to your page.

#26 Launch Navigation:  Show a navigation bar on your launch pages. (Launch Suite)

#27 Live Search: Add a box for people to enter the search term to search your pages.

#28 Membership Breadcrumb Trails: Add breadcrumb trails to your member’s area.

#29 Membership Files Download: Used with the OptimizeMember plugin. Protect your download files from members who don’t have the required membership level or package.

#30 Membership Login Form: Add a login form for users to login to membership site.

#31 Membership Navigation Sidebar: Add a menu listing items in the member’s area.

#32 Membership Order Button: A button for people to purchase your membership.

#33 Membership Page Listings: Provide an overview of your product or category.

#34 Navigation: Add a styled navigation block onto the sidebar for easy navigation.

#35 News Bar: Add a bar to highlight the latest happenings or events at your page.

#36 Optin Box: Place a styled opt-in box to your landing page. Help to capture leads.

#37 Order Box: Insert a secure order form and order button for people to purchase.

#38 Order Step Graphics: Add a styled order step to highlight the checkout process.

#39 Pricing Graphics: Insert a styled pricing onto your page with border and shadow.

#40 Pricing Table: Use to compare the benefits or features of the products you offer.

#41 Progress Bar: Add a progress bar to show progress through your training course.

#42 Q&A Elements: Include a styled FAQ section at the bottom of your sales page.

#43 Recent Posts: Show a list of the latest posts from your blog to your homepage.

#44 Social Sharing: Add social sharing elements for people to spread your page virally.

#45 Step Graphics: Add numbered steps to show a step-by-step process at your page.

#46 Tabs: Separate your content through tabs without having to scroll down the page.

#47 Terms & Conditions Box: Get buyers to agree to T&C before making purchases.

#48 Testimonials: Add a styled testimonial box to show social proof about your offer.

#49 Text Block: Allow you to insert text on your page through the WYSIWYG editor.

#50 Tour Elements: Allow visitors to either make a purchase or take a quick tour.

#51 Vertical Spacing: Insert vertical spacing anywhere you want in a column layout.

#52 Video Player: Add a video onto your page. (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, EVS, S3)

#53 Video Thumbnail & Lightbox: Load your video with stylish popup video effect.

#54 WordPress Comments: Add a WordPress comments box for people to comment.

#55 OverlayOptimizer: Add a lightbox/popup window with any OP 2.0 elements in it.

So these are the complete set of elements that you can find in the OptimizePress 2.0 elements library. Feel free to use any of them to build your marketing pages.

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him:

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  1. Does OptimizePress have a feature or plugin that enables users to one-click “add an event” to their personal calendar (iCal, Google, Outlook, etc)?

    1. I’m afraid OptimizePress 2.0 doesn’t have this feature. You may want to use an external plugin to do that for you.

  2. Hey KM,

    Love your videos. Very informative. I know OptimizeMember can protect file downloads with AWS S3, but can it protect videos playing on a lesson page? If so how’s it done.


    1. As far as I know, you can either protect a page or protect file downloads. I’m afraid you can’t protect videos from playing on a page. What you can do is protect the page itself.