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Building A Kajabi Style Membership Site Using KM OptimizePress 2.0 Templates

In this post, I’m going to show you how to instantly build a Kajabi style membership site using the 5 OptimizePress 2.0 ‘pre-made’ membership templates that I have designed.

The reason I created these templates is because I’ve had a number of clients wanted to convert their Kajabi sites to OP 2.0 platform. (I charged a $40/hour fee for my service)

However, if you were to pick up OP 3.0 via my referral link, I’ll send them to you for free.

Here are the 5 templates…

  1. KM Homepage: This is the membership home (dashboard)
  2. KM Overview: This is the membership training overview page
  3. KM Module: This is the membership page for each module
  4. KM Lesson: This is the membership page for each lesson
  5. KM Login: This is the membership login page for members

Watch The 1-Min Video Demonstration:

Building OptimizePress 2.0 Kajabi style membership:

#1 Upload The 5 Templates Via Page Builder: In your WP Dashboard, hover over to OptimizePress and click Page Builder. Scroll to the bottom, under Select Page Presets, select Use a Content Template. Click Upload Content Template, then choose a .zip file.

Install the .zip file, close the screen and repeat the steps above for other .zip templates.

#2 Create A New Membership Menu: You need a menu for every single page of your membership site. In the WP Dashboard, hover over to Appearance and click Menus. You can create a new menu or choose an existing menu. Remember the Menu Name.

#3 Create Your Membership Framework: Using the 5 templates you have uploaded earlier #1, create a new page from each template. Your structure should look like this:

Home → Category (Overview) → Sub-Category (Module) → Content (Lesson)

I’ve explained how to configure the membership settings → OP 2.0 Membership Site

optimizepress 2.0 membership site example

5 ‘Pre-Made’ Templates You Need For A Kajabi Style Membership

Here are a few important notes to keep in mind once you are in the LiveEditor system…

  • Layout Settings → Header & Navigation → Navigation Bar Below Header → Select Menu for Navigation Bar. Make sure you select the menu that you have created #2.
  • Membership Settings → Membership Page Settings → Select a membership type. (Home: Product, Overview: Category, Module: Sub-Category, Lesson: Content)
  • Layout Settings → Page Thumbnail → Upload Page Thumbnail. (Module/Lesson)
  • You should utilize the Clone Page feature to clone a new Module or Lesson page.
  • For the Membership Page Listings (Overview/Module) & Membership Navigation Sidebar (Lesson) elements, make sure you configure the right structure #3 for all.
  • For the KM Login template, I’m using the Membership Login Form element from OptimizeMember. Depending on which Membership Plugin you prefer to use, you can easily replace the form with a shortcode. (Custom HTML/Shortcode element)

NEW Template! Create an OP 2.0 style sales page:

So, if you want to get your hands on these 5 Kajabi style membership templates (plus the elegant squeeze page and ultra clean landing page templates) that I’ve already created, then click the Blue button right now to purchase a copy of OptimizePress 2.0 for yourself.

P.S. Once your have completed your purchase, please remember to email your receipt.

by KM Lee

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