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10 Elements To Insert In Your Sales Copy

One question that keeps cropping up in copywriting is how long your copy should be. There is really no perfect answer to this, because it depends on what you are offering.

For example, if you are selling a short 30 page ebook, the copy will be shorter than if you are trying to sell a $997 online training. So the best answer is that your copy needs to be as long as necessary to get the prospects to hit the add to cart button and buy from you.

For this reason, I often tell people not to worry about the length of their sales letter. Just start crafting it out and see how long it turns out instead. You certainly want to include the necessary elements into your sales copy. Here’s a basic outline of the 10 elements:

#1 An impactful headline that asks a question or focuses on a specific problem.

#2 Introduction – this is where you address your prospects and start focusing on a particular problem. You can share a story about how you overcame this problem.

#3 Start hinting a solution and lead your prospects to what you offer.

#4 Insert at least 5 bullet points to highlight the benefits of your offer.

#5 The detailed of your solution and why it is the perfect choice for your prospects.

#6 Insert testimonials/reviews if available, this gives people proof that your offer works for existing customers. People want to verify that your offer will solve their problem.

#7 No sales letter would be complete without a guarantee. Let people know that if they are not entirely satisfied and jazzed in XX days, you will refund their money in full.

#8 Use scarcity – this is where you add a countdown timer or expiry date to encourage your prospects to take action before the price increases or the offer goes away.

#9 Close your copy with what prospects will receive once payment has been made.

#10 Add a P.S. in the last section, reinforce the benefits of buying your offer. Mention again the offer is on a limited pricing structure and urge your prospects to take action.

Once you have begun implementing the 10 elements mentioned above, you should be able to craft an influential sales letter for your offer. All that is necessary is to proofread your copy over and over again to ensure it flows smoothly from beginning till closing.

Also make sure you are able to create a sense of ‘I must get this offer now’ in your own mind. Don’t forget to include images of your offer, as this helps people identify with it.

I hope this outline will give you a rough idea of what to insert in your sales letter. If you have more points to add, feel free to share them with me in the comments below.

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him: