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8 Essential Elements To Include When Crafting A Proven Long-Form Sales Page

Sales copy is an art. It certainly takes time to craft a perfect long-form sales page that not only attracts people but converts to sales. After all, it is no use having a beautiful looking marketing website if it doesn’t convert, isn’t it?

The good news is that you can learn how to craft the perfect sales letter. It is all about inserting the right elements to make your copy work. These essentials are nothing taxing and you will soon find that they become second nature.

With that said, here are the 8 essential elements to include in a long-form sales page:

#1 Capture Attention With The Headline

Your headline needs to stand out. It is the first thing people see and read. If your headline doesn’t pop, you are not going to get people continue reading your copy to find out what it is all about. When people don’t read, the rest of your page is just a waste.

Think about a headline that is going to capture attention. It could be a pun or a play on words. Whatever it is, it also needs to be straight to the point. The best is to let people know what problem your product or service can help to solve immediately.

#2 Entice With Subheadlines

The subheadines need to give a little away about each section and get people to read on. The font size of the subheadlines is usually smaller than the main headline. They help to break up your copy, making it easier for people to skim through. The idea is to grab your prospects’ attention, get them dive into your page, and consume what you have to offer.

#3 Sell Through Your Sales Video

Gone are the days where people will happily read through long content and then click on the buy button. People like watching videos and they want to see you as a real person. You can generate more sales by including one at the top of your page. Considering having a video that automatically plays once your sales page is loaded. This will instantly capture people’s attention, and they are more likely to act on what you have to offer.

When you use a sales video, make sure it stays on the topic of your product or service. It is easy to go off track and you will lose your readers. Lose them and they won’t purchase! There are plenty of ways you can make a sales video work. Some opted for whiteboard animations while others like to show their face or hire someone to be their spokesperson.

You will also need to ensure your video is made to the best quality. It is another arm to your sales page and you need to put 100% effort into creating it. If you can’t make the video to the best quality, hire someone that can. It is an investment well worth making.

#4 Engage With Your Body Copy

Now it is time to focus on the actual sales copy. This is fourth on the list because it is the fourth most important to your long-form sales page. It needs to share what your product is and, most importantly, how it will help your audience with their problem or answer their question. If it doesn’t do that, then people aren’t going to follow through till the end.

This isn’t a chance for you to rave about you or your online business. It is a chance to really connect with your audience and let them know how you can actually help them.

Big words and ultra long sentences are a big no-no. Reading on a computer or mobile device is already difficult enough, so you want to make it as clean as possible for readers to skim through your page. Using bullet points, screenshots, and feature boxes are great to break up your copy. You will find them easier to help get your points across quickly.

#5 Use Real Testimonials To Show Proof

People will only buy if they can trust you, and that is just what the testimonial section is for. Your testimonials should be from real customers, who have something good to say. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your previous customers and ask them for feedback.

Remember to include your customer photo next to the testimonial. This will help put a face to a name, and makes it easier for your readers to trust the words. They know that the words have not just been generated by some software or some workers at home.

#6 Offer Your Guarantee For Trust

Another way to create an element of trust is to offer a guarantee. Many marketers offered a complete money-back guarantee with their digital products. The length of time you give someone to benefit from this is up to you. You may want to check with your local laws to determine if there is a minimum time frame that you have to offer when you sell online.

A 30 to 90 day money-back guarantee is the most common. It gives people the chance to taste your product and see whether it is as advertised or not. No questions asked money back is often applied as well to protect buyers from being completely left out of pocket.

#7 Tell People What To Do With Call-To-Action Button

Call-to-action button is essential for any type of sales letter. After getting your audience engaged and drawing them into your long copy, you need to convert them into sales.

CTA button tells people what you want them to do once they have gone through your offer. You may even want to add a few buttons. That way, you give them the choice to purchase as soon as they feel comfortable or know what you offer fits in their needs.

It may seem a little silly telling people what you want them to do, but it really is needed.

#8 Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

You will find certain questions keep getting asked over and over. You may think it is worth having an FAQ section. You can place the section towards the end of your copy. It gets the doubts out of people’s heads. They are more likely to buy because you have already pre-empted most of their questions.

Are you ready to make the most of your sales copy? Your long-form sales page will work well, as long as you incorporate all of these 8 elements. Just missing one could lead to it not converting as well as it should.

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him: