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3 Life Lessons I’ve Discovered In 2012

As 2012 is winding down and 2013 is about to kick off, I thought it’d be a great idea to take a moment reflecting on myself and share with you the 3 most valuable life lessons I’ve learned in the area of work, money, and love. So let’s just dive straight to the point:

#1 Work – Where’s The MAGIC Actually: I often hear people say that ALL the “magic” will happen once you move out your comfort zone (sounds familiar?) and I kinda disagree with that statement. There were too many times in life where I took risks, went beyond my comfort zone, took action and have done all the steps required… but in the end failed miserably! I’ve also seen many people took action, stepped out their comfort zone, then magic didn’t happen and they stepped back into their comfort zone.

Let me tell you upfront. Magic doesn’t happen right away once you step out your comfort zone (but you need this as the first step). Magic doesn’t happen when you take action and do what you’re told to do. Magic doesn’t happen when you’re a smart ass among others, trying to run the whole show yourself… If so, where’s the magic then?

Here’s the answer. Magic happens once you connect with the right people. Once you met the right people (boss/mentor/partner/team), you’ll be given the right opportunity, and once you work on the right opportunity – Yes, that’s where the magic truly happens!

#2 Money – Remember, It’s Always EARN’able: There were times in my life where I completely went broke and couldn’t pay the bills for a month or two (due to business failures, working on wrong projects, taking advice from wrong people). I truly understand the shitty feeling of having not enough money because I’ve been in that position before. But what I’ve realized is – money is always ‘earnable’you lost it, you can earn it back. In fact money is not that difficult to earn once you know-how, all you need is having the right knowledge, being committed and willing to do the work to earn it.

Having said that, please be reminded that there’re many things in life that you CAN’T earn it back once you lost it. E.g. time that has passed, harsh words that have said, mistakes that have made, people we hurt… these things are more valuable than money.

#3 Love – Learn To Love The People Who Love You: I’ve to admit that I’m not a person who knows how to love. But here’s what I realized… too often, I’ve made the mistake of being affable to people that I’m not close with while treating my loved ones in a standoffish manner. This is definitely not a good behavior and I’m still learning to love my loved ones the way they are. This includes forgivingly accepting their shortcomings.

If you want to be loved, first you need to learn how to love. And all this starts from loving your family i.e. your parents, your sibling(s), your spouse, and your children. Treat them the way you like to be treated, give more attention and spend more time with them. Focus on people who love and care about you… the rest is really SECONDARY.

So these are my 3 valuable life lessons that I’ve learned in 2012. What about you?  I’d be interested to know if you can share the 3 MOST valuable lessons you’ve learned with me below. Thanks for reading and lets go into 2013 with confidence and optimism!

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him:

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  1. Good sharing bro!

    Here’s my 3 lessons:

    1. Taking Responsibility Opens Doors
    We’re often told to reach for the stars and dream big. Sometimes all these GREATNESS gives us an excuse to run away from our obligations because we’re just too busy to tend to “small matters”, that are not that glamorous. 2012 gave me a tight slap across the face and i woke up, seeing clearly that no matter how far we run, or how hard we try to hide from unpleasant responsibilities, we will eventually have to face it, one way or the other. BUT, it all changes when we decide to face it and take charge. That’s when the fear lifts. That’s when EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE. That to me, is when the door to dreams open up, properly.

    2. Humility: Your Pain Is My Pain
    Dreams have an uncanny way of coming true, transforming lives for the better. The down side is the higher one gets up on the social ladder the faster one begins to lose one’s sense of humility. 2012 was a rush of highs and triumphs for me. The down side was i forgot was it is like to be down and out. As a result i turned a blind eye and a deaf ear on people who have real challenges. I tended to gloss over their concerns with empty positivity. It’s as if: you have a problem because you are negative and it’s you’re own doing. Which is by no means a fair conclusion. As the year drew to a close, i myself had to witness people close and dear to me face monumental challenges. The empty positivity did not get anyone anywhere. The more i said the more empty it felt. That reminded me, their pain is my pain too, and i felt it. Genuinely felt it. Time to change my perspective.

    3. Honesty
    Let’s get straight to the point. Shitting ourselves only leads to more poop. So it’s time to come clean. Way healthier.

    Here’s three cheers to a Happy New Year Bro!

    1. Awesome sis! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Appreciate it so much. Happy new year to you and your family too!

  2. Great!

    1. Fantastic!

  3. Thanks for sharing your life lessons here.
    You’ve spoken out my mind, brother!
    In fact, I’ve learnt a lot from the same lessons and totally agree on your viewpoint.
    Keep it up!

    1. Hey Danise,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ve visited your blog the other day and think your drawings are cool. Please add more ‘flowers’ to your garden in the coming days.

      You keep it up too!

  4. thanks for sharing the lessons you’ve learned. just wanted to say that i liked it so much.

    1. Hi Narion,

      Thanks for your comment and also your time to read my blog post.