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How To Create High-Converting Landing Pages That Score The Best Conversions

Do you know what a landing page is? A landing page is also commonly known as a squeeze page, which is the terminology used in online marketing business. It quote-unquote squeeze the email addresses out of prospective visitors through an opt-in form.

Page like this in general typically work very well with paid ads (facebook), solo ads, and regular list building stuff. However, the goal for a landing page isn’t to just build an opt-in, the goal is to get somebody to eventually BUY something if you are building an email list.

Now let me share with you the 5 landing page best practices you absolutely MUST do in order to create the best landing pages that convert for you…

#1 Eye-Catching Background: We live in a day and age where images are more important than text. Did you know the No. 1 engaging thing on facebook that people most respond to is images? You need to tap into that psychology and here’s how you deliver it:

An example landing page of mine with a beach background.

#2 Short & Hard Hitting Headline: Your headline needs to be concise and SIMPLE to consume. If your visitors are interested,  they’d probably sign up; if they’re not interested, no big deal… at least you got them to read and dive in right?

I once worked with a professional client where his landing page had OVER 3,000 words just to get people subscribe to a free trading course. You certainly don’t want to do that.

#3 Mobile Responsive & Tablet Friendly: Your page needs to be mobile and tablet friendly. You want to build something across a variety of multiple different devices with different sizes; from the really skinny iPhone to the big fat 27-inch Thunderbolt display.

The landing page will be mobile responsive automatically.

You want your page to look great regardless of what or where people looking at it from.

#4 Clear Call To Action: I’m a big, FIRM believer in this very punchy type of landing pages. When somebody look at this, they said: “Arrrh, I can read it all.” And if they can read it all, then they are much more likely to respond to it.

The bottom line is that your page should look appealing at a glance, i.e. people dive into it, they can consume it very quickly, and it’s very clear what action you want them to take.

#5 Expectation: The after sign up page that you take people to should look the SAME as the landing page they have just signed up for. It’s important not to sell anything right after they subscribe. So many times I’ve seen marketers repeatedly make that same mistake.

We all know people dislike being sold to. It’s too scary especially in the first interaction with a stranger that you deal with, to try to move them too fast from one place to another.

Here’s something I recommend that you do on all your after sign up pages…

Remind people to go check their inbox and activate their subscription.

You shouldn’t assume all the people that opt-in to your landing page will automatically open up every single email in their inbox. I wish that was true, but in reality it’s not.

Most of the time when people sign up with an email, they don’t even confirm their sign up. Even if they confirm their email address, it doesn’t mean they will read the first message.

If they don’t consume your free gift (or whatever bribe), you create NO relationship and everything else you do fails. This is where most marketers catastrophically screw it up, because they don’t have the “hey, you signed up… now expect this email in your inbox.”

When people remembering signing up with you, they are more likely to click your email and consume your gift. Then it’s up to you to provide value once you get access to their inbox and continue to follow up with them. That’s where you START creating relationship.

Got It?

I want you to start implementing these 5 best landing pages practices in your marketing. If you’ve got more landing page optimization strategies, I look forward to your comments.

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him: