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5 Tips To Stay Focused And Productive

In a society where instant gratification is worshiped, it can be quite difficult for people to stay focused and productive. Nonetheless being focused is necessary to be productive.

If you find yourself struggling with the ability to focus, here are 5 proven tips to help you break free from distractions, get MORE things accomplished, and make more money:

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Building A Kajabi Style Membership Site Using KM OptimizePress 2.0 Templates

In this post, I’m going to show you how to instantly build a Kajabi style membership site using the 5 OptimizePress 2.0 ‘pre-made’ membership templates that I have designed.

The reason I created these templates is because I’ve had a number of clients wanted to convert their Kajabi sites to OP 2.0 platform. (I charged a $40/hour fee for my service)

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How To Cultivate The Courage To Lead

It takes courage to be a leader, but even if you have fears that kept you from leadership roles, it doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them and take up a position in leadership.

Every decision you make in life is a testament to your courage. Something as simple as refusing a rich dessert because you want to stay fit takes a certain amount of courage if you have gnawing cravings for sugar.

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