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If You Are A Good Marketer, You Only Need 3 Things To Make Lots Of Money

Recently I ran across some local people calling themselves marketers, but all they did was nothing except keep pushing me the same old annoying messages (I doubt you will buy into it. Will you?). I really wish they can disappear from my life, like FOREVER.

That really triggers me to share some fundamental principles that I’ve learned.

For those who are reading this, if your job is a marketer then you should truly embrace that. I don’t care WHO you market to (offline / online) or WHAT (product / service) you market; your ultimate mission is to look for creative ways to make people happy enough to exchange their money for something far greater than their money.

If you can engineer situations like this, and the fact that people do have money to exchange… not only will you make money, you actually will make a lot of money by helping other people enrich their own lives. People will happily pay you.

If you’re an online/offline marketer, you should follow this ethos: If there is no solution, you will CREATE one; if there is already a solution, you will create a BETTER one!

And if you’re a marketer, you’re “cleverly selfish” – the more money you make, the more you help. The more you help, the more money you make.

This isn’t a zero-sum game. In order for you to get rich, it doesn’t mean that other people have to get poor. It doesn’t mean other people have to starve or have to suffer or have to feel pain. Pleasure doesn’t mean if you feel pleasure, somebody else feels pain right?

This is “cleverly selfish” of each marketer… to desire, to find the best tools, strategies, techniques, methods available to make themselves rich as fast as humanly possible.

Others Accept Their Fate, You Create YOUR Destiny.

If you agree wholeheartedly and embrace this identity, then you’re going to take chances when everyone else stays in their comfort zone. Now, I understand that’s hard to do… but you’re gonna need to do that if you’re truly a marketer.

Whether you agree or not, every great event in history occurred because of a marketing genius behind it… i.e. somebody pitches that idea, somebody sold that idea to somebody, somebody marketed that idea to somebody, etc.

If you’re truly a marketer, you only really need 3 things to make a lot of money:

#1 You Need A Really Good Opportunity To Promote: The keyword here is a good opportunity. It could be a physical product, an information product, or a piece of software. Does this necessary mean a product? No, it does not.

What else could it be? Could it be a service? Yes, it absolutely can be a service.

And the best part is… it doesn’t even have to be yours.

If you find a good opportunity and you can promote it as an affiliate, or get a cut on it by referring people to that opportunity. After all, that’s exactly what Google does right?

So all you need is a good opportunity, but you also need to PROMOTE it. Having a good opportunity is worthless if nobody ever sees it, encounters it, and interacts with it.

#2 A Solid Message To Help Others Realize The Value In The Good Opportunity: Here’s one thing you should always remember. A good product is only an asset after someone purchases it. Before they buy it, they have no idea if it’s a good product or not.

They have no real possible way of evaluating it, other than perceptively, observation, or what you tell them. What they think will be based on what you told them.

But until they actually buy it and dig into that product, use that product, touch that product, smell that product, feel that product, consume that product, and do stuff with that product – they have NO IDEA of how valuable that product is.

So your message hopefully bridges the gap – from if they actually could interact with it, if they actually could experience it, and say yeah this is a good opportunity.

How can you bridges that gap with your message? How can you help them realize that before they experience what that experience would be like and worth whatever money and time they have to exchange to get involve with it?

#3 Reach An Audience To Present That Good Opportunity To: This is the final thing.

Is it this simple? Well yeah, it’s this simple.

Is that mean it’s easy? Of course it doesn’t mean it’s easy, but these are the fundamental Marketing 101 success principles that almost everybody skips over today.

It’s not the sexiest stuff in the world, it’s not the coolest stuff, BUT this is what it is.

To sum it all up, if you’re a marketer and want to make a whole bunch of money – you need a good opportunity, a persuasive message to promote that good opportunity, and a hungry audience to present the message of value related to that opportunity.

Are you a marketer? If yes, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

by KM Lee

KM Lee has been a self-employed geek since 2008. Currently he's working full-time from home online. You can also connect with him:

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  1. Hey KM Lee,

    nice blog and some great content too.

    And YES… online marketing really is that simple!



    1. hi Fabian,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

      Would really love to visit Perth one day to see what the place looks like.

  2. Hi KM Lee, I’m a registered nurse here in manila I want to earn extra money using the Internet but I don’t know where to start. There’s a lot of site coming out but I think it’s just a scam so hope you can help me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Oliver,

      Thanks for your comment.

      There’re really plenty of ways to make money via the Internet. Perhaps you can refer to this post to see whether it helps or not…